Network Surveillance

Surveillance is an integral part of modern security systems, which are used in airports, shopping malls, companies, railway stations, homes, and etc. Video surveillance is great for solving happened crimes mysteries and has deterrent effect on malicious behavior.

By developing surveillance security systems from Analogue CCTV to IP systems, many companies are looking for ways to incorporate the surveillance system into the main part of their network. Hezarsoo familiar with traditional surveillance system and has the knowledge and skills in IP systems, offers new and varied-solutions for surveillance and secure transmission systems across the TCP / IP network. Due to variety of IP cameras, they are used in indoor environments, small offices, large organizations and industrial companies.

IP-based surveillance systems include

And its benefits include:
  • The image quality is much higher than analogue CCTV
  • Using existing network platform to transfer and capture images
  • NO need to separate power supply for cameras by using POE technology
  • Easy to development (upgrading and enhancing cameras without changing storage in many cases)
  • Remote access to image and camera settings
  • Using wireless technology to transfer images
  • Ability to view your office IP camera at home or vice versa by using the Internet
  • Ability to create redundancy in Storage Systems (NVR) and etc

Our expert team first gives you a free comprehensive overview including the model and the number of cameras, their location and the amount of space required for storage images by assessing the place that you are looking for and then, they will install the equipment for you in the shortest possible time with a professional team.

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