Fax Over IP

Fax Over IP

In order to Speed up business affairs, the integration of the companies or organizations network services, is one of the company managers concerns.

One of the communication methods still used in companies is sending and receiving documents system, using faxes. Fax actually transmits paper and text documents by dialing the destination number in analog telephone lines platform, having a fax machine on both the Origin and destination sides is essential.

Traditional way for converting sent and received faxes has been text and picture files instead of paper. This method has used an external internal fax modem which is connected to a computer case and required a special operator who send and receives this message. Later by using Microsoft’s Fax Server, the modem was transferred from a PC to a server, so the users could send their faxes to the server or view the received faxes from the shared folder, like sending a print order.

But in this method fax line and a server with hardware and software resources have gotten busy only for a one fax service.

The VOIP technology can be  used for an organization’s services integration. One of the VOIP capabilities is sending and receiving faxes over internet protocol or FOIP platform. There are 2 ways: using fax software  or connecting a fax machine using FXS Gateway.

Using Fax Software

In this way we can give each user a separate panel with a username and password to send and receive faxes, So they can send and receive their faxes as a PDF file and also receive fax reports, including fax number of the sender or receiver, sending and receiving time and fax success or failure, also they can send faxes and see incoming letters on their panel and print them as needed, that reduces paper consumption in organizations and helps the environment.

using fax machine in VOIP

IT can easily integrate a fax machine into a VOIP system with a single port or multiple ports FXS Gateway (as needed by any organization) and by assigning an extension number, all callers can easily receive faxes. The advantage of this method is that there is no need for separate scanners for sending printed and stamped paper.

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