Fixed wireless broadband

Fixed wireless broadband

Hezarsoo has provided a high-speed Internet with 4 to 50 Mbps broadband, including installation, Due to the limitations of ADSL2 + or VDSL that used telecommunications platform.
The service runs through Point-to-Point wireless links between your location and WISP. For this purpose a wireless CPE will be installed in your location (at maximum possible height) towards WISP.
In order to use WiFi, you need a wireless router device to provide you WiFi internet access.

Advantages of fixed wireless broadband

  • The quality and speed are higher than ADSL and Wimax
  • Landline and fiber optic are not required
  • Easy and quick installation (site survey and installation in 48 hours)
  • Easy and quick troubleshooting and changing wireless link

Dedicated bandwidth:

Providing dedicated bandwidth enables organizations and companies to access the Internet and Intranet.Many companies and organizations business activities are based on the Internet. Sending and receiving information, communicating with different servers for financial activities, and economic activity of these organizations based on the Internet.Hezarsoo with so much experience in the field of installation Broadband services, ready to provide you a dedicated bandwidth as soon as possible for applicants.Also this service is available to customers through PTP, PTMP, MPLS, wireless links, fiber optic, and intranet connections.

Why is dedicated bandwidth?

  • Free consultation and site survey
  • Different designs according to customer needs
  • Determine time for commissioning your service
  • Quality assurance of the service provided
  • Possibility to increase or decrease bandwidth
  • Using monitoring software to control the amount of bandwidth consumed (MRTG)
  • 24/7 hour support
  • Utilizing different internet service providers to decrease received bandwidth interruptions
  • Routing through BGP routing protocol
  • Free IP Static
  • Communication between different parts of organization and in separated buildings through a wireless broadband network
  • Customer’s data and information security
  • Possibility to provide service in Iraq, Oman, Turkey, Lebanon and etc.
  • Transmission bandwidth through optical fiber, Intranet, MPLS

Some of dedicated bandwidth service customers are banks, insurance companies, hospitals, and commercial and residential complexes and etc.

The following video teaches you how to get your location (GPS).

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