FTTH service

The +adsl2 or TD-LTE Internet do not have an acceptable bandwidth for many companies and domestic users. In this case, FTTH service can be used to increase bandwidth, reduce noises and increase security. This technology is also much more efficient than copper cables for long distances.In addition, a sip phone and an Internet TV could be transmitted on the same FTTH platform.

FTTH Internet requirement

First, you need to check if telecommunication center provided FTTH service in your location. After FTTH installation, the following must be done:

Optical fiber cabling and fusion

کابل کشی ffth

Optical fiber cabling must be done up to optical fiber modem location.Usually  Drop Cables are used in this case which has the minimum core (2 or 4 core). These cables are also outdoor and anti-UV which prevents cables cover from decay due to sunlight and corrosion.

The most important difference between drop cables and ordinary patch cords is the use of an iron wire along with optical fiber cores which controls the cable weight and prevents it from tearing and stretching and can easily used for long distances without flexi pipe, duct and etc.After cabling an OTB optical fiber box will be installed to prevent optical fiber fusion connection being cut off.

ONT modems for FTTH


After optical fiber cabling and installation,we need an ONT modem for using the services that provided by FTTH platform.These modems are manufactured and supplied in various types which can have WiFi, FXS ports for SIP phone usage and LAN ports for cable connections.

Hezarsoo with its experts in networking, provides optical fiber cabling, Fusion and FTTH, services including ONT modem, wireless Internet, and SIP phone Setting up.

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