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Consulting and providing comprehensive network solutions

Implementation, optimization, and modification of computer networks require comprehensive and low-cost solutions in order to run it in the shortest possible time. Moving network resources to a new location for increasing data security, Transferring files or shared resources from one server to another, Transferring organizations phone Lines to a New Location Using Hotline Platform, Communication between two offices, or data and image transmission by point to point communications, Communication between two organizations using Tunneling platform and etc, which all needs technical advice before implementation in order to reduce the potential risks. Hezarsoo technical department, with its experienced experts, is ready to give you technical advice and provide you comprehensive and optimized solutions.

This service includes

Cabling and passive network advice and comprehensive solutions for organizations:
  • Solutions for providing transitional platforms such as fiber and network cables, Patch Cord, Patch Panel, etc.
  • Solutions for providing requirements and racks design optimization, along with rack interior equipment arrangement including: servers, switches, routers, patch panels, fans and power modules, etc.
  • Consulting, assessing and optimizing physical structure of servers arrangement
  • Consultations for data center design and optimization, with server room requirements
  • Consulting and implementation of Guyed, Self-Support, Monopole, and etc towers
Active network consulting and comprehensive solutions for organizations:
  • Assessing clients’ hardware and software and advice on systems upgrading
  • Consultation on various types of Microsoft and Linux servers installation and implementation services such as DC, DNS; WSUS, WDS, DHCP etc
  • Advice on Cisco equipment installation
  • Advice on MikroTik equipment
  • Consultation on types of virtualization platforms design and implementation such as: Microsoft Hyper-v, VMware Esxi, Citrix
  • Advice on designing and implementing virtual desktops
  • Advice on VOIP and all types of analog and digital gateways installation
  • Consultation on analog and IP CCTV equipment installation and supplies
  • Types of Point to Point and Point to Multi Point Radio-based wireless communications Consultation, design and implementation

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