When you add a new office, and you want to keep your office numbers because your customers remember you with those numbers, or a branch of the company is set up and need phone communication, and a huge number of your monthly income will be spent on your calls, Or it’s impossible to get a landline number for that office, so much trouble you have to deal with. Although this situation is more common in rural areas or areas that are far from the city.

Due to the possibility of long-distance communication between different branches of the offices, organizations, companies and factories, VOIP development and voice transmission over the network and the Internet, landlines can be easily moved from one place to another. This feature that called hotline is very convenient for areas that do not have the necessary infrastructure to get a landline or who wants to reduce the cost of communications between branches. However, Duo to wireless platform, wireless CPE, Internet or Intranet has its communication limitations.

It means that the communication requires direct vision between the two points, and the distance between the points and the obstacles, is directly affected the bandwidth, therefore result radio-based wireless links establishment requires the points and conditions survey by the relevant professionals. Also, the type of PSDN, E1 Hotline and Their number is important in choosing equipment. When you don’t have a direct vision between the two points, you can use Internet and tunneling. For more information, see the wireless radio links installation page.

Another use of hotline is extension transfer, By using VOIP services, it’s possible to make free calls between branches only by paying the monthly internet costs and using radio-based wireless communication between the branches. This relationship can be between the office and the factory, company and Storeroom, the company’s branches, and etc. There are two general solutions:

Using a VOIP system on Cisco and Asterisk platforms:

This method is more suitable for organizations and companies who just started their own business or those who want to completely change their old phone system to VOIP. Visit the VOIP page to learn about this solution and its features and benefits.

The Santral extension transfer or link two Santral together:

The second is suitable for organizations or companies that use their Santral systems (such as Panasonic) in their branches, or want to move their extension from the central to the storeroom or sales and etc.

Hotline anywhere in the world

Ability to answer calls from your landlines anywhere in the world

Incoming calls answering on mobile phones anywhere in the world

Ability to transfer landline and phone numbers from anywhere in the world to your location

The possibility of Santral connection between your location and other countries

Setup with the lowest cost and equipment

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