4G LTE wireless broadband

LTE is the latest Internet generation, which is ideal for organizations, institutions, businesses and homes. If you are currently using ADSL Internet but are not satisfied or do not have any internet access, you could use LTE Internet Service, which has high-speed internet access technology (up to 40 Mbps) and it’s offered wirelessly. The Sustainable speed and communication makes LTE one of the best ways for downloading and uploading files, watching videos, and etc. This service does not need a landlines, and the user can establish his / her service by providing LTE modem and SIM card and use it without complicated settings.

Further Details

  • All services have 24-hour support
  • The proper and low ping is the main features of all LTE features
  • 9% of VAT is considered
  • The traffic consumed included the total sent and received traffic
  • Transferring the remaining traffic is not possible

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