MikroTik Installation and Configuration

MikroTik Installation and Configuration – MikroTik Service

One of the products that has gained a large market in recent years, is from MikroTik Company. Contrary to many people’s imagination, MikroTik is not a device, it’s a Linux-based operating system that the operating system is based on the router board company equipment.

Duo to the incredible features and cheap price price MikroTik has become available in all companies and organizations. Switches, routers, access points, and wireless CPE types are part of the router board ‘s products that are distributed to the market with the MikroTik operating system.

The MikroTik main product is a Linux-based operating system known as MikroTik Router OS. By installing it on Router Board’s Dedicated hardware or on standard computers based on x86, it converts hardware into a network router, and implements many additional features; Such as firewall, virtual private network (VPN) for server and client, shaping and upgrading bandwidth service quality , it can also be used as an access point and other capabilities in wireless networks. In order to improve the operating system performance level, you must obtain each features license. The company’s application for Microsoft Windows operating system called Winbox, which provides a user-friendly graphical interface for configuration the router and monitor its function. Router OS also provides access through FTP, Telnet, and SSH. In addition, there is an application program interface (API) for managing and monitoring direct access through applications.

One of MikroTik feature is sustainability. MikroTik is like a strong router with high-speed booting and automatic operation without requiring any login or starting any type of service. Another feature of MikroTik is the installation speed. Mikrotik can be installed in a matter of minutes and configured easily, and has the ability to import and export its configuration.However, the most important strength of MikroTik is its cost-effectiveness compared to similar hardware.

Hezarsoo experts are ready to install all MikroTik equipment, by passing MikroTik courses and using it in different projects and gaining the necessary experiences.

MikroTik Routing uses

One of the most important uses of MikroTik is to use it as a router. In many networks, there is a need of separating the network into multiple networks, and if you have multiple offices, you need a router to communicate between your offices. MikroTik supports all existing protocols for routing.

The connection between the network of  the offices and branches is an important issue, which is another feature of MikroTik. You can build your VPN connection between your branches and establish a secure connection between the branches resources such as file sharing programs, printers and cameras and etc, by applying access restrictions.

Control user consumption and the usage segmentation for each system or user always is the main network administrators concern. The ability to manage and limit internal (LAN) and external (Internet) bandwidth is one of MikroTik capabilities. You will be able to manage a group of users, IP range and etc, Divided by destination, origin, application type, port, etc. By professional configuration you will be able to manage and control all your network activity.

You will be able to have multiple internet subscriptions and assign or share it to your network users according to the needs of your network. For example, an ADSL Internet connection and radio-based wireless connection are available. by using MikroTik, you can divide and share the existing Internet network by applying the condition according to the type of users.

There is also the possibility of setting up Proxy Server on MikroTik routers. The proxy server will store the websites that your users visit, in your cache, and if another user needs that page, will show the same page, and increase the speed of responding and your Internet usage will be reduced. Also, because the router acts as an interface, detailed reports and serious restrictions on sites access could be considered.

MikroTik Internet Management uses:

NAT: Internet sharing is one of the basic things required in all networks.
Firewall: Although the MikroTik firewall does not support IBS and IPS, is a good firewall for 2nd and 3rd layer.
Bandwidth: MikroTik has different strategies for controlling bandwidth.
Quota: Ability to manage the Internet usage easily.
Hotspot: MikroTik considered interesting features in Hotspot for public places.

The Simplicity of work with MikroTik, its great features, affordable equipment and not having Bug in the router, make it one of the equipment that is used in almost all networks.

MikroTik security and communication features

With the firewall possibility in MikroTik you will be able to limit the input and output ports. Usually by changing the important ports, such as desktop remote port and other Common ports that used in network, into ports that only the users are aware of them, external communications could be limited.

By publishing cameras on the network and changing their ports, you will be able to view your cameras status via Internet and any place that you have Internet access.

Ability to communicate with internal network resources such as cameras, server’s file, printers, network applications and etc, through the Internet is possible for  users, and even if needed, you can build a VPN Server that could allow the company’s employees to connect to the internal network at any place and time to do necessary works, even at home or while traveling, when it’s necessary.

You can monitor your Internet usage through MikroTik devices continuously and apply necessary restrictions if needed.

MikroTik also has an IP distribution system, or DHCP, And can allocate the IP to the users that are connected to it.

In addition to wireless routers, a number of MikroTik routers have wireless technology and the ability to connect your wireless devices without an Access Point requirement.

Hezarsoo technical team, with the required specialties in MikroTik equipment, is ready to provide you services such as advice on purchasing and installing a variety of MikroTik hardware to companies, organizations and offices.

Configure and set up MikroTik router board and CPE before shipping

The new service that Hezarsoo offering to its customers, is the computer networks development in fastest and cheapest way, by the possibility of Configuration and setting up the MikroTik equipment before shipping.

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