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Network Damain Setup Packages for Companies and offices

With the use of computers and computer networks in different businesses and the need for information security, integrated network management system usage is so important and Microsoft, as one of the best companies in IT, offers two solutions:

The first one is workgroup network, which is recommended for small offices with maximum 7 computers.
The second approach is domain-based networks.For this purpose Microsoft has launched a version of the operating system called “Windows server”. The first version of these operating systems is Windows Server 2000 and the latest version is Windows Server 2016. Microsoft also provided a service to manage users on domain-based networks called “Active Directory”.

The benefits of using an Active Directory and a domain-based network for companies:
  • Get access to all computers, deleting account or changing password by admin
  • Getting backup automatically from all computers at the desired time
  • Creating a unique user name for each user
  • Create and establish rules for working with computers according to the manager policy and organization needs
  • Monthly report
  • The operating system and network resources access restriction
  • Centralized network resources sharing such as printers along with group policy
  • Create a centralized file server and user access restrictions based on their position
  • Centralized user management by manager
  • Cost-effective according to provided features and capabilities

In general, Active Directory or ADDS gives an easy users management and increase the network security.

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