Network equipment repair

Network equipment repair

Due to power fluctuations in buildings, network equipment include routers, switches, and servers and etc, often face problems such as power, ports (interfaces) and etc failure. Also problems with software, operating system and network equipment firmware cause malfunction. the price of the equipment has been increasing so repairing in the shortest possible time with minimum cost is much more logical than buying a new device. Hezarsoo with years of experience in network services and familiarity with various types of network equipment, has also provided professional repair service to its customers. Repairs only include the following:

Cisco, Yealink, Grandstream, Snom, Dinstar and etc, IP-Phones
NewRock, Grandstream, D-Link, Sangoma, Dinstar and etc, FXS, FXO voip gateways
Polycom and etc, video conference equipment
UBNT, MikroTik and etc, wireless CPE
UBNT, MikroTik, Engenius, IP-Com, D-Link, TP-Link and etc, Wireless access points
Cisco, MikroTik and etc, network routers and their modules
Cisco, Juniper, Fortigate and etc, network firewalls
Cisco, MikroTik, HP, and etc, network switches include layer 2 and 3, POE and unmanaged switches
HP, SuperMicro, Dell, Intel and etc, rack-mounted and tower servers
Hikvision, Dahua and etc, CCTV including analog, IP, AHD  and storage devices including NVR and DVR

Hezarsoo services in equipment repairs include:
  • Operating system and device’s firmware reinstall and update
  • Resetting your network equipment password
  • Replacing and repairing the network equipment power and power supply
  • Replacing and repairing the board devices’ board and electronic components
  • Replacing and repairing the Ethernet and POE ports
  • Server periodic service including checking fan, chassis cleaning and checking heatsink and etc
  • Mechanical hard disk technical test

Network Equipment Repair steps

Contact technical department of Hezarsoo and explain about device problem

Send us your device for troubleshooting and report about the cost and repair possibility

Repair, final technical test and device delivery

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