Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring

This is probably the think that monitoring in small or medium networks, is not that important and you haven’t paid attention to it so far, in fact, network monitoring is a critical issue to prevent incidents that could risk your business or completely disrupt your business for several days. The importance of monitoring in large companies network with the different branches such as banks, ISPs, and etc, is doubles. For this purpose, the NOC part is responsible for monitoring in the companies and institutions.

Network monitoring actually records and observes the network equipment status including routers, switches, firewalls, servers, and so on, and provides information about their hardware status, such as RAM, CPU, and Storage. There is also a report on the amount of data traffic in the network, the Internet volume and bandwidth consumption, cable communications and the status of routers port , switches and etc, which provides us instantly, weekly, and monthly graphs.

Another important monitoring softwares’ feature, is the possibility of sending different Status Notification by message or Email.

After checking RAM, CPU and other network equipment resources usage by monitoring softwares, you can easily upgrade the server hardware, if needed, or if you don’t use the maximum hardware of your server, reduce your costs by integrating several virtual machines on the server. Also by checking the amount of bandwidth and internet usage and intranet usage in your branches, you can control and reduce user usage by applying different policies.some of the most Proposed monitoring software are Cacti, SolarWinds, PRTG, Zabbix and etc.

Hezarsoo with several years experience and its technical experts is ready to install and set up types of network monitoring softwares for companies and organizations.

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