Passive Networking and Cabling

Passive network infrastructure

Network cabling is  an important part in network communications. So a high-speed network requires qualified cabling system. Structured cabling is not only about providing qualified cables; but also proper implementation of all the standards will provide a cabling network infrastructure with the maximum bandwidth, that provide your current needs, and has the ability to upgrade existing technology to future technologies easily and with minimum cost.

Data center implementation, which is the main part of the network, is another services of Hezarsoo which requires a set of standards and techniques that can be used with the maximize capacity of the equipment, in addition to Elegant and elegant design and implementation. Designing and implementing physical and logical security of Data Center is also another aspect that takes place in our projects.

The 8 key reasons that made Hezarsoo team different from other competitors in Network cabling include:
  • Free Visit and advice
  • Using high quality network equipment in projects
  • Quality assurance in projects
  • Project implementation with the most reasonable cost
  • Providing the best solutions for current and future network needs
  • 99% of  project costs Estimated before implementation
  • Delivering all documents at the end of the project, such as patch panels, cabling maps, Network nodes position and numbering, cable test results and etc, for possible future changes
  • The experienced experts that not only give you the best quality with high accuracy,but also reduce Project execution time

Hezarsoo with satisfaction of its customers and its Expert knowledge, provide you data center and cabling services, in the following:

  • Full project design includes a trunk map and cabling, nodes position and etc
  • Cabling includes electrical cables, telephone cables, network cables (Cat5, Cat6, and Cat7) with EIA / TIA 568.B and ISO / IEC 11801 standards.
  • Trunking  and Ducting with accuracy and required standards
  • Server room and data center implementation including raised floor, dropped ceiling, air conditioning system, fire extinguishing system and etc
  • Optic fiber cabling, fusion, patch panel installation and etc
  •  UPS design and implementation
  • Implementing guyed tower for wireless communication links
  • Earthing system Implementation for guyed tower and data center

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