By increasing the use of different network services you need to set up a dedicated server on the network. But keeping servers in racks will increase over time and due to increasing the number of servers and other factors such as increasing power consumption, increasing hardware depreciation, controlling hardware and software periodically, monthly or weekly, allocating a larger space for rack and also inside the server, lead us to a new solution so-called virtualization.

Server virtualization

Server virtualization is actually a strong hardware share between several virtual machines, which includes RAM, CPU, POWER and hard drives, also network cards and even USB ports.

Its benefits include:

  • Effective use of all the hardware dedicated to a virtual machine
  • Integrated control of all virtual servers available on a physical server
  • Reduce the servers’ occupation in the rack
  • Servers power saving and much more cooling system for data centers

Desktop Virtualization

desktop virtualization is another solution that virtualization gives us, which is provide a thin client instead of providing the relatively strong and typical hardware for users, and a strong server is responsible for assign Desktops to Users. Microsoft created this service with (Hyper-V, VMware), (VMware View, Citrix), products and XenDesk product, and constantly developing it. The benefits of using Virtual Desktop in organizations and companies include:

  • Appropriate hardware based on the use of each user, for example, graphic department users will have more hardware than financial department users
  • By storing all the data and users information on the loss of information will be reduced
  • Access to each user’s desktop from from any place (even when you are working with a mobile or tablet)
  • Install and replace Windows and operating system easily and in the shortest time possible
  • Increasing data security duo to putting data on servers
  • Fast and easy clients manage and support due to their integration on one or several servers

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