VOIP Support

VOIP Support

One of the Hezarsoo VOIP services that can be mentioned is Support and maintenance. These services include

Detect and troubleshoot VOIP problems such as echo, bad sound quality, and wrong income and outcome calls routing.

Adding new features or changing the system, such as voicemail, auto-receptionist (IVR), call queues, call center, call recorder etc.

The latest available update Installation and stable operating system and modules, etc.

Site survey of existing equipment and providing the best quality and cheapest solution in Linux-based or Cisco phone systems

Telephony systems that we offer support services for:

Asterisk-based telephony systems, such as Elastix, Issable, FreePBX
Cisco-based telephony systems such as CME, CUCM

How we support:

  • In-person support by annual or occasional contracts
  • Providing services remotely or by phone calls

For more information please contact us on whats app


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