VOIP Telephony System

Traditional telephone platforms such as Central and Hybrid are not responsive for this type of communication, and we need to move to newer technology that will provide more up-to-date capabilities in addition to fully supporting previous telephony needs.

voice over internet protocol (VOIP)

Due to the movement of organizations and companies towards the integration and centralization of information systems, their communications must also be focused and integrated. The use of calls information in the context of customer relationship management, the mechanization of the fax system, etc can bring the organization maximum productivity from this communication platform.

Telephony systems utilizing VOIP technology have many capabilities, including:

Hotline the landline or Santral extension between branches of the company, using Internet, Intranet, Radio-based wireless internet, VOIP Gateway and etc.

VOIP Telephony System

The two well-known technology  Cisco CUCM and Asterisk are available which Cisco is often used by large organizations with more than 500 users due to enterprise capabilities.

But the Asterisk telephony system is an open source telephony system, and many developers have working hard on it and still developing and expanding it. Issabel, FreePBX, Elastix, Trixbox, etc could be mentioned, which is easy to work with for regular users by providing a web-based user panel.

Hezarsoo with specialized and experienced team has various and qualified solutions for customers that includes the following:


Meetings with clients to select the best equipment and various telephone systems solutions


Design and Provide a Telephony System Plan for Companies and Organizations in order to implement better sound transmissions in various network platform, especially LAN and WAN.

Equipment Supply

Providing the necessary equipment from Authentic and qualified brands, including IP PBX servers, IP phones, gateways, Cisco VOIP Cisco cards and modules, managed switches and etc

Implement and installation

installation and implementation of integrated telephony systems for organizations and companies, development and upgrading of VOIP systems, Asterisk or Cisco

Maintenance, Support, and Troubleshooting

Maintenance, Support, and Troubleshooting the Asterisk or Cisco Telephony Systems, including Hezarsoo service for VOIP.

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