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Web Conferencing Services

Over the past decade, web conferencing products have changed as a luxury product to a practical tool for small and large organizations. This change has resulted due to the manufacturers intelligence in reducing the dependence on equipment and physical location in online meetings. The products that known as web conferencing, practically have provided the same face to face meetings situation without any equipment requirement except a laptop or smart phone. This product include the following:

  • Participate in the meetings with HD quality and only 1Mbps bandwidth
  • Automatic quality switching based on bandwidth quality
  • Several available possibilities for the meeting manager include: The possibility of providing presenter role for other users, the possibility to connect and disconnect microphone for participants, the Possibility of answering participants’ questions upon their request during the meeting, and etc
  • Desktop and Application sharing
  • Possibility to control the desktop and computer by other participants
  • Ability to display whiteboard and provide explanations on it
  • Members attending meetings without username and time-consuming process
  • Meeting Content recording with the lowest volume
  • Strong APIs to incorporate various management capabilities and attendance features into each organization’s software
  • possibility of attending meetings by telephone for users who do not have computer access
  • Exclusive chat room for the meeting

The features above, along with many other features, can be individually or publicly implemented in each organization.this private implementations could be used without publication on the Internet and only for internal meetings, but general implementation, allows foreign partners to attend meetings. The educational features of Web conferencing products are also obvious, and today all virtual universities that using these products have created a similar experience of physical classes for their students.

Many organizations and ministries have their weekly or monthly meetings with their branches across the country through web conference and the least benefit of this feature is to eliminate  the large cost of traveling and accommodation for in person meetings. but in the case of smaller organizations with fewer meetings the cloud web conferencing  service provides the possibility of leasing cloud resources for meetings.

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