Wireless radio links installation

Wireless radio links installation

The need for establishing telecommunications between different branches of companies and organizations is increasingly felt these days.Some of this communication usage are mentioned below:

By developing wireless technology, the buildings using radio-based wireless network with much lower cost and much safer than the Internet used in the past. In this type of communication, you can transfer any type of data that can be converted to an IP protocol. The benefits of this approach are briefly noted below:

This could be a point-to-point connection between two buildings or a point-to-multi point connection that is established between several buildings. In order to set up a radio-based wireless network, Hezarsoo team will design you an engineered project with the prediction of the current and future project need, that considered the distance between points, frequency interference, direct view, security and bandwidth requirements.

Another service that Hezarsoo has provided for setting up radio-based wireless network easily, is the possibility to set up and configure radio-based wireless connection while purchasing the equipment with a very low cost for a simple wireless connection. This configuration can be supplied with each of these: SXT Lite5, SXTsq Lite5, LHG5, Dynadish,  and etc.

Communicate by telecommunications platform

When establishing radio-based wireless or microwave communication between the branches of an organization in a city, country or even in different parts of the world is impossible due to the extent of area, climate and etc, we must turn to other methods of communication such as Leased line, MPLS, Internet, etc.

Hezarsoo technical team with professional and experienced engineers in the mentioned fields give you a free advice and an excellent assessment and site survey for choosing the best platform and service in terms of bandwidth and cost. Also it ensures the security of your platform by providing types of tunneling protocols.

Meshed wireless

Setting up an Indoor Wireless Networks has particular needs, which has become a different part from wired networks. Network integration in the buildings, full coverage, network stability for all users that connected to the network, wireless network security and etc, are considered in indoor networks.

The following video teaches you how to get your location (GPS).

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