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Hezarsoo has a brilliant resume and experienced teams in consulting, designing, supplying equipment, installing, monitoring and IT project support services including copper, optical fiber, wireless, data center networks.

Our goal is to reach an up to date knowledge and have professional and experienced team for developing and promoting IT projects implementation. Aside from the knowledge and the experience in various fields of IT, our engineers are constantly participate in training courses and expanding and updating their technical knowledge.

Our major capabilities include:
  • LAN & Campus LAN computer networks design and implementation
  • WAN Networks Design and Implementation (communication based on telecommunication Platform)
  • Tunneling based networks design and implementation
  • Voice and video communication over Internet protocol
  • Copper and optical fiber cables structured cabling
  • Network infrastructure design and operation (trunk, ducts, cables, etc.)
  • Wireless networks site survey, design and implementation
  • Telecommunication towers installation (Guyed and Self-support towers)
  • PTP and PTMP Links
  • Mesh, Point to Point and etc, satellite-based technology design and networking (symmetric, asymmetric)
  • IPCAMERA and VOIP Installation
  • Video conferencing systems design and implementation
  • Surveillance and traffic control Systems
  • Windows and Linux based servers based on TCP / IP, Setup and support
  • Providing active Directory, DNS, IIS, DHCP, FTP, SNMP WSUS, Routing, SQL Services
  • Office software systems such as mail service, massaging implementation
  • Providing all networking equipment, including switches, routers, racks, firewalls, cable, and etc
  • Network Trouble Shooting & monitoring
  • Assessing and reporting the network performance and creating the network document
  • Web-based project management and daily, weekly, monthly or yearly network monitoring design and implementation
  • Network security design and implementation
  • Software firewalls (ISA, TMG, etc) and hardware firewalls (IPS, UTM, AV, WCF, Mikrotik) Installation
  • Switch Layer 2 and 3 Installation
  • Virtualization
  • Server virtualization
  • Client virtualization

Networking is essential for your entire information systems, and their implementation require an efficient infrastructure. Hezarsoo projects unit with its expert and technical team and their academic knowledge and experiences that gained during the implementation of multiple projects, are capble to design and implement data network with global standard.

Engineering Procurement Construction

Engineering: Free engineering, site survey consulting and design
Procurement: Equipment supply, purchase engineering
Construction: Installation, training, support


Free Consultation

Providing an honest and specialized consulting service, which includes project site survey and then helps the client about price, quality and selecting its contractor.

Free Design

Is the most important project discussion and include providing a schematic network platform routes, network cables route, power, telephone, node and rack locations, topology type required, and active network equipment type.

Equipment Supply

Hezarsoo provides end-to-end support for all network equipment. That includes active and passive equipment. Passive equipment including rack, duct, patch panel, cable, in Authentic brands such as D-link, Datasheen, Schneider, Belkin, Nexanc, net plus,Legrand and etc. Active equipment including modem, router, managed and unmanaged switches and wireless equipment in D-link, Cisco, WIS, MikroTik, etc brands

Project Implementation

Our team is trying to accomplish the best projects quality in the shortest possible time without any disruption to other units whether it’s a vacant unit, such as commercial and industrial sites that have not started yet or are in operation such as offices.


After installing the network, those nominated by the employer need to train for using the network. By conducting on-site training classes and providing training tips to the trainees, Hezarsoo enable the maximum use of purchased equipment.


Network projects Implementation and delivery is the beginning of our relationship with our clients. Providing warranty, remote and in-person support, sending a technician or hiring an expert at your place are another services that Hezarsoo offers to its customers.

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