Windows and Linux Servers

Windows and Linux Servers set up

The aim of creating a network between computers sharing services that are not possible for single user as result of high-cost, weak control system, the lack of security and etc. Therefore, the main reason for setting up computer networks, is sharing resources and integrated control of computers and devices on the network for providing different services. For example, access and operating system usage policy is time consuming and in some cases all the features can not be applied. In this case, the domain controller service can apply Grop Policy in the shortest possible time and with greater opportunities for all computers users.

Services such as DC are implemented by servers based on Windows and Linux operating systems. Some of the services offered by Hezarsoo include:
  • Setting up a domain network
  • Setting up DNS Server, DHCP Server, WSUS Server and etc
  • Setting up active Directory RODC, additional and etc
  • Setting up Routing & Remote access server
  • Setting up VPN Server
  • Setting up Print Server
  • Setting up Media Streaming Server
  • Setting up Web Server and Web Application includes SMTP, FTP, and Mail Server
  • Setting up network monitoring servers (SNMP) such as: Solar Winds, Dude, and etc
  • Manage and control user access levels (Group policy Management) and other restrictions
  • Create redundant and load balance servers
  • Providing backup files from servers (Disaster Recovery and Automatically Daily Backup)
  • Firewall servers such as: ISA Server, TMG Server and etc

The difference between Linux and Windows servers

The main difference between Linux and Windows virtual servers is related to the installed operating system, which causes them to have theire own advantages, disadvantages and function.

The first mentioned issue is the difference between their licence and cost.Linux is completely free without any annual fees as result of its Open Source, while for using Windows operating system you must pay the fee. So Linux servers cost are often less than Windows servers.

Their programming language is the other difference. Usually the programming language that is suitable for Linux servers, is PHP and its database is MySQL Server, and for Windows servers, is ASPs and its database is MSSQLSever.

The web server is another difference between Linux and Windows servers. Linux servers is Apache, and the web server used on Windows servers is IIS.

Another difference between Windows and Linux VPS is the difference in their security and their speed. Duo to Linux open source operating system, many bugs have been debugged by users, and that makes Linux more secure than Windows. Linux also has a much higher speed than Windows and as result of different user environments (text and graphics), it can provides many range of people needs. However, Windows servers also have their own usage and functionality.

According to the W3Techs site, about 66.6% of servers use Linux and 33.3% use Windows.

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