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Server room design and planning

Server room is a room for storage, maintenance and management servers and related equipment. This room is a part of a data center that includes several physical servers with different factors. A data center may include several server rooms, that each of them used for individual programs and services.

standard server room  design and implementation is complicated and has its own specific requirements for Power supply, air conditioning, fire alarm systems, and etc. a server room must be designed integratedly with the rest of your office for the maximum effectiveness. Our comprehensive approach to your commercial projects is based on this goal. By utilizing all the required expertise, including IT, engineering and design professionals, as a unit team and from start to the end.

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The result is a server room that operates efficiently and delivers your needs with flexible, reliable, and maintainable features in the office where your business is located. Creating a server room is relatively large and complex investment, but essential. To ensure the return of this investment, it’s important that all the server room’s equipment operate properly. What most people call a server room or a data center is actually a hub room with few racks including server and router that more distributes the data of the remote server.

Technically, data center is only a room containing a number of racks or a center with several rooms for the equipment. What we call a server room is small data center that applied in almost all companies, offices and medium-sized businesses and usually includes the average number of racks and hardware equipment.

Setting up a server room and data center is one of the services provided by Hezarsoo. Thanks to the experience gained in various projects and server room design skills with the TIA-942 standard and its implementation over the past years, Hezarsoo is ready to provide data center services.

Running a server room

Running a server room includes steps that are carried out step-by-step with established standards. Failure to follow standards for server room caused you malfunction. So, we utilize efficient and experienced personnel for implementation of the server room. Implementation of the server room includes different parts.

Raised floor Implementation

One of the factors in server room preparation is the floor preparation. One of the main points in raised floor construction, is the distance from the surface. There are several reasons for this:

  • Prevent equipment from getting wet when the pipe breaks
  • Using the space between floor and raised floor for  Cabling
  • Prevent electrical charge

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These cases that are mentioned, are extremely important and each contain dangerous threats for the server room equipment. Soaking the floor would cause the equipment getting wet and destroyed and will eventually cause financial losses, and  If you don’t follow the requirements the information will be lost. Floor Cabling is a logical method that while improving the cables management, provides an acceptable view, it also has the potential for easy mapping and finding a cable faults  over time.

In normal state, there is static electricity in the environment that turns into electricity by walking and etc, and this release will disrupt the systems. That is why earthing system is essential.

سقف کاذب جهت تجهیز اتاق سرور

Dropped ceiling for server room

The use of Dropped ceiling are mandatory because the ceiling made by iron, gypsum and etc, and It puts the equipment at risk. Also, as result of cables mass, it can be used for cabling.

Double-stud wall for server room

Wall separates two environments from each other. Double-stud wall is very important and has a significant role in preparing the room for fire-Resistant Insulation or fire prevention. Usually the space between the main wall and Double-stud wall is filled with fiberglass and stone wool, which is considered to be a strong thermal insulation. Cooling, heating, air conditioning system and fire extinguishing system are generally installed in that space. Keeping the room well ventilated at the standard temperature is another important issues that must be considered. To keep the information safe you have to avoid environmental warming and electronic components damage.

اتاق سرور

Server room is the main part in each company that should be checked and kept constantly, by a specialist. Keeping the data safe, Arrivals and Departures management and other essential points is necessary for server room. Server room, needs Cables, ducts, wires and etc.

Other steps for running a server room:
  • Power cabling for building and server room
  • Cooling system implementation
  • Fire Alarms and fire extinguishing system Implementation
  • Network cabling and equipment installation
  • Nodes Test and Label
  • Estimating and preparing the number of server racks required and server racks design
  • Estimating the power amp required
  • Estimating, purchasing and setting up  the  required UPS
  • Estimating, purchasing, and setting up the required generator
  • Monitoring Room and Access Control implementation
  • Data Center, installed equipment and etc support

Hardware documentation

One of the most important issues in setting up server room is to create a map and a document of the all equipment of the room. Maps of all the things done in the room should be provided with software in separate files.The documents will be delivered in a folder that create by software, and also printed files. Also, a list of equipment should be provided.  Servers with Physical Properties and a complete network and communications map should be available. These are necessary for future issues solutions.

Software documentation

This section also requires a document. What software are used? How often do they need updates? Who is responsible for maintenance? All the software resources should be available for quick installation if it was needed.

Server room test

Server room should be tested before running. Power systems and panels should be on, to check its functionality. Cooling system have to be tested for the room required temperature. All network cables must be tested (Fluke test).

The offline fire alarm system will be tested and we need to be sure that it works properly. Lighting systems and other items are also need to be checked.

Finally, the room will be fully commissioned and delivered.

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