Bandwidth Control

Bandwidth usage Control with hotspot

Hotspot service provides us bandwidth and user usage control by IP Address, MAC Address or username. It also helps us to optimize internet usage at public places, companies, offices and organizations by providing daily and monthly reports. MikroTik routers and  Kerio bandwidth control software, are some of the most popular equipment that could help organizations manage users internet access, which is one of the methods used in bandwidth management.

Some organizations have always looked for internet blackout solutions and want to help users avoid internet blackout . MikroTik routers are a comprehensive and useful solution for cost saving and load balance. These routers have different ports depending on your organization network equipment.

To prevent internet blackout you can provide one or more internet connection from ISP and create a Load Balance between received internet connections by using a MikroTik router. When one of the internet connections of your organization is interrupted, the users are automatically connected to the next internet connection by Load Balance mechanism without any delay.

After implementation and according to customer request Hotspot and Quota configuration are applied to MikroTik device.

By using the Hotspot, internet and internet usage of your organization users is set up according to the customer needs.

Hotspot by MikroTik

Hotspot service is available on all MikroTik routers on the MikroTik router os by default, and no additional side packs require to set it up.

The number of concurrent users on MikroTik hotspot (HotSpot active users) determines by the used MikroTik license, which you can see it in the table below:

MikroTik hotspot users management could be done locally on the router board or it could be connected to another radius server.

You can also set up your own MikroTik radius server by installing a user manager on your router board.

You can also set up your own MikroTik radius server by installing a user manager on your router board .

Hotspot by kerio control

Kerio control is a firewall software that allows us to provide a hotspot service. If you want to control bandwidth and internet usage with kerio control, you need a physical or virtual server with the following hardware:
CPU: 2core
And two network cards, one for Internet connection and the other for internal network connection.

Another Kerio Control features

VPN server and VPN client
Setting up a proxy server
Block some websites for users and etc

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