Routing and Switching

Routing and switching services

By expanding the network of organizations and companies and increasing their users and increasing the types of data passing through the network, the use of simple and unmanaged switches will not be the right solution for networking, Because data such as video conferencing, IP phone, surveillance cameras, and thousands of data that are exchanged in our network disrupt each other, and so-called collision occurs between them And it disturb transferring data in unmanaged switches and routers. The solution to this problem is to use the equipment in the routing and switching platform that can manage these data and by prioritizing these prevent data interference with transmission or delay in delivery. For this purpose, Hezarsoo will provide you a comprehensive service in development and implementation, based on the knowledge of its specialists in routing and switching, especially in the field of Cisco and MikroTik.

Switching infrastructure and LAN and Campus LAN networks layer design
Routing infrastructure design in Campos LAN and Enterprise networks
Data center network platform design based on data center cisco 3rd version
Data center network platform design, in the form of unified computing system technology
Resiliency Structures Design, including High Availability and Redundancy in LAN and Data Center networks
Network structure Setup based on network virtualization
WAN structures design with maximum efficiency and access.
Control and optimization structures of Service Quality design
IP Planning structure of LAN and WAN networks design
Evaluation and solutions in the networks efficiency increase
Design and solutions in upgrade and migration
Evaluate and provide LOM and proposal based on the client needs
Counseling and monitoring the project implementation
Active structure of data center network, design

LAN, Campus LAN, Data Center and WAN networks
Installation and configuration of Cisco switching equipment and their modules
Installation and configuration of Cisco routers and their complex capabilities
Installation of ISP, WISP, ADSL, ISDP types
Installation of complex routing structures in LAN and WAN
Installation of network monitoring and network management software including Cisco LMS and Solarwinds
Setting up and configuration telecommunication and non-telecommunication lines in WAN communications
NOC Installation
Installation of centralized user management software includes Cisco ACS and Cisco ACS Express
BGP configuration in WAN and Internet networks
Setting up application performance measurement strategies based on TCP

Campus LAN networks
Evaluate the current Campus LAN network structure and provide a development plan
Evaluate and provide equipment list
WAN Network
Evaluate the current structure of WAN networks
Network traffic and service quality analyze
Define network traffic Baseline
Detection of traffic abnormalities in the WAN network
Creating bandwidth management structures and traffic usage optimization
Creating optimization structures and traffic optimization

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